Divisive about devices

Mobile PhoneWhether it’s designing an integrated campaign for luxury homebuyers, discerning shoppers or charitable patrons, the challenge is always the same. How does it work in a mobile space? Think mobile first and then grow the idea outwards. Or think big screen first and then scale down and simplify the idea for your phone. It’s true that we use mobile devices more often than anything else, which has led many companies like Google to adopt this as a conceptual starting point to influence the rest of the campaign. ‘Progressive enhancement’ can be used to add more content, functions and resources as the screen size and processing power of the platform increases. However, there’s also the argument that by considering mobile devices as the primary basis for your design, you have too many constraints, resulting in a campaign that looks basic and dull. At Clear, we think the best ideas are the simplest, and they should always come first. So it doesn’t matter if it’s an all singing, all dancing desktop design or lean, mean, phone screen design. It should be equally engaging and work well on any device.