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Scotland acquires young talent

Fresh from graduating from Stirling University in Film & Media, Theo Prendergast has joined the Scottish account handling team. Matthew Mitchell, MD remarked: “It’s always very gratifying to be in a position to provide employment to a graduate as they take their first step into the commercial world, while also recognising our responsibility to ensure... Read more »
Mark Pomfret

A big hitter for the Clear corner

With 20 years of top brand experience under his belt, Mark Pomfret has joined Clear Marketing as an Account Director at our Manchester office. Having worked on both agency and client side, his background includes big retail brands like Nissan, Asda, British Airways Holidays, Superdrug and Tesco Mobile. While leading home interest names include DFS,… Read more »

Person using a mobile phone

Divisive about devices

Whether it’s designing an integrated campaign for luxury homebuyers, discerning shoppers or charitable patrons, the challenge is always the same. How does it work in a mobile space? Think mobile first and then grow the idea outwards. Or think big screen first and then scale down and simplify the idea for your phone. It’s true… Read more »

Onside Youth Zone logo

Happy 10th Birthday OnSide

With so little to do outside of school, many young people end up being stuck in their bedrooms. This is why OnSide exists, helping them grow into healthier, happier and more aspirational adults. Officially registering as a charity in 2008, OnSide has enjoyed a close working relationship with Clear since day one, in raising awareness... Read more »


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