Renowned the world over, this traditional household name has a perhaps surprising innovation story to tell. And we are immensely proud to help do just that.

Changing brand perceptions

Hoover holds innovation as part of its DNA, but by their own admission they are well known for more traditional vacuum products rather than anything else. We were asked to produce a campaign which asked people to reappraise the brand and consider them for other products such as Wi-Fi enabled ovens and washing machines. Simply put, the message was of optimism that innovation from Hoover can make your life easier. The campaign consisted of 10, 20 and 30 second executions and was broadcasted in the UK and across Europe, with incredibly successful results.

Animation to tell the story

We chose a charming animation idea to showcase a busy person, constantly on the go, juggling work and family. This campaign brought to life the daily experience of washing, cooking and cleaning, all taken coolly in their stride with the help of Hoover’s advanced products. 2D and 3D CG animation were brought together to create a clean, modern, stand out campaign in a noisy environment. The brand reveal at the end a surprising answer to ‘who brings you all this? Hoover, that’s who’.