From day one, we’ve actively supported the OnSide charity in raising awareness and funding to develop a national network of world-class Youth Zones.

A way out

Working with a spoken word artist, we created a short film to show how OnSide Youth Zones can provide a way out for young people and encourage potential investors to help transform lives. Achieving widespread acclaim from high profile government figures, business leaders and ambassadors for young people, the film formed part of OnSide’s London campaign to attract £30m of investment over the five years, raising £1m at one charity event alone!

Getting inspired and involved

We share OnSide’s motto to be ‘always there’ as the Youth Zone network continues to grow steadily across the country. The OnSide name is becoming synonymous with places of inspiration, opportunity and support for young people from deprived backgrounds. And by developing a recognisable, unified brand personality across all communications, we’re attracting more and more communities to get involved.