We partnered with Pets at Home to offer support across its retail network. From store launches to specific in-store promotions and radio campaigns, we brought personality to the well-known pets brand.

We began working with Pets at Home immediately following its purchase of PetsMove in the UK. Our brief was simple – to help build a distinctive brand identity that would position the brand as the number one, go-to specialist pet product superstore.

Our work during the key Christmas period perfectly illustrated the tone-of-voice and personality that we wanted to project to a growing customer base of pet lovers.

The creative work featured pets as the heroes, giving them human characteristics and positioning pets as a well-loved member of the family. By ‘humanising’ them, we were able to push the key message of gift buying for pets in a fun, engaging and relatable way. The resulting sales of non-food pet goods over the period grew three-fold.