Being one of the UK’s most upmarket housebuilders, CALA Homes continue to follow an extraordinary path of growth. A true partnership for us, if ever there was one. Starting with a new brand identity ten years ago, through to today where we work hand-in-hand to deliver consistency across every touch point and customer communication.

A house is so much more than just bricks

Our research told us how people want to live in their homes today and what is important to them. Taking these findings, we produced short films telling the story of the joy you feel by living in a CALA home. These were used across social, web and in all CALA showhomes.


  • Corporate identity and design
  • Brand strategy
  • Campaign planning and delivery
  • TV and web content
  • Press  •  DM  •  Radio

  • Digital/online • Outdoor
  • Signage/hoarding
  • Internal communications
  • Report and accounts • Events

Premium feel throughout 

Every piece of work for CALA, whether it be a brochure, press ad, online display ad, DM, outdoor or even radio, conveys the same tone of voice and premium feel which continues to set CALA apart from the competition.

What sets CALA apart?

The design of its homes has been carefully thought about to give customers what they want – a high quality finish, more space, light and airy rooms, open plan areas and considered design with huge kerb appeal. We were asked to tell this story with a 30 second TV ad which aired across Scotland and regions of England as part of an integrated campaign.

Presenting a consistent brand is key

All CALA signage and development hoarding has been carefully designed with key messaging to ensure clarity for the customer.

CALA sales office material

All sales office material is carefully crafted so it has impact and conveys the appropriate information whilst retaining a premium style of the brand.


Phone Number:0161 448 8008
Our Location: 121 Palatine Road, Didsbury
Manchester, M20 3YA


Phone Number:0141 406 6740
Our Location: 116 Elderslie Street,
Glasgow, G3 7AW.